Thousands of people win the Lottery every year in South Carolina, but unless they win millions, it’s like they don’t exist — until now. I’m Tina Tiny, and I’m on a quest to uncover “tiny” lottery winners. In MY world, tiny is BIG, so stay tuned for Tiny Stories across South Carolina with me, Tina Tiny. Don’t forget to share your story!

Meet Junebug and Fritz, who won $10,000 from a scratch-off! Watch the video to see what Fritz bought with his winnings, he’s super happy about it! Maybe a little too happy…

Meet Cat Mandu, a $5,000 winner from playing Pick 4! He named his “tiny” purchase after the day (or days) he made his big win. Watch the video to find out what he added to his collection, but make sure you’re wearing rain gear!

Meet Bart, who won $30,000 from a scratch-off! He splurged on a pet he’s always wanted, but never pulled the trigger. I’m definitely a big fan! Check out the video to see Bart’s dream pet, just make sure you keep some distance.

Meet Chaz Dingus, a $500 winner from Pick 3! Chaz hit his lucky numbers and then his friends came calling asking for Chaz to buy lunch. Deciding to go off the grid instead of sharing his tiny winnings, find out who convinced Mr. Dingus to share his spoils by watching the full video here.


Do you have a Tiny Story to tell? Share your Tiny Story here. Who knows, maybe you’ll be in the next Lottery commercial being interviewed by me, Tina Tiny!